proyecto yurata: PROJECT YURATA.


The goal of the Yurata Project is the sustainable development of the community and the strengthening of our autonomy.

The three main project areas are:


The Yurata Project has an art cooperative to generate resources.

The way that the Yurata art cooperative can be improved is through the promotion, exhibition and sale of art in universities, caf├ęs, galleries and public spaces.

A space where the story of Grandfather Fire can be told by Modesto Rivera, folk music can be performed, and the Mara’akame, Eustolio Rivera can perform healings.

The story of Grandfather Fire is the history of one of the most sacred and ancient elements in the world. This story explains the importance Grandfather Fire has in the Huichol Nation and has been illustrated in 9 yarn paintings (60 ×60 cm) by Modesto Rivera.

The exhibition is a way for us to meet people and establish a network of aid, and inform the world of the knowledge of the Yurata and how we see the world as Huichol people.

Anyone may join the Yurata Project and help in many different ways: from economic contributions by means of donations to the support in the development of the projects in the community.

Although we are not closed to visitors, we do not encourage them, due to the seriousness and complex nature of our customs and how difficult it is for us to allow others to be involved in our ceremonies. Neither do we want to live by spiritual tourism.

The projects have no leaders or workers.

It is necessary for the community that we develop, maintain and decide the form and ways that we carry out the project.

Decisions are made in the general assembly, taking into account all of the options and through our traditional authorities.

We are not looking for the management, evaluation, coordination or organization of our projects, but rather for their support.

We have committees that are responsible for each of the three basic projects:

From the fundamental projects, others have come to be that we are also trying to develop, that are not quite as urgent yet are very important.

 Kalihuey (sacred house)



The treatment of grey water

Recycling and the management of garbage

Cultivating organic and multi-crops


We will soon present the committees for these projects.

We need and are grateful for all the forms of support: economic, supplies, knowledge and timely labor.

And we are working to promote interaction between the committees and the people who want to help us.

This is why we have created this space.

Please fill out the following form so that we can make a database of people and projects.

If you are interested in participating in one of our projects, please do not forget to provide the following information to facilitate our work:
The project or committee you want to contact
The way in which you would like to help us
Information that you need or want about the projects

If you have an idea or means to help us, we will create a link with the committee and the people who are working on or are interested in the project and in this way facilitate the coordination of help and better direct our efforts, since everyone will be informed by the project and the committee of what needs and advances are there.

Many of us already know each other, but regardless, please do not forget to completely fill out the information on the form so that we may more easily work and communicate together.

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